Hair Profile

Hey Curly Naturals,

For those (old and new readers or visitors) here is a synposis on my regimen and the products that I use

Here is just a break down on my hair my type.

  • Hair type: 3B/C
  • Hair Porosity: Low Porosity
  • Density: High Density

Hair Regimen: (as of 14 April 2017)

  • Wash and deep condition weekly with an optional (coconut oil) Pre-poo either overnight or a few hours before I wash my hair
  • Shampoo (Old Tresemme Naturals stash/Naturally Good or Twisted Sista)
  • Conditioner (Old Tresemme Naturals stash)
  • Deep Condition (Afro botanics and Cantu or Naturally Good Deep conditioner) I mix the Afro botanics Deep penetrating Moisturizing conditioner with the Cantu Leave in Repair, this combonation gives a really great deep conditioner and if I am lazy then I will leave it in and do a protective style.





LOC Method:

Hair trim: Every 6 weeks

Some of the products are very old or even discontinued, since I have low porous hair I try not to overload my hair with products too avoid weighing it down, creating product build up or making it look dull, that’s why my products last such a long time.


ND 😉