Pleased to meet you I am Nidia, author of SA Curly Girl.

I have been natural since 2013. 

I started and then stopped my blog and then started it again after finding new inspiration. I have found new love for my curly hair and I am fully embracing it. The main aim of my blog is to share information with other South African Curlies/Naturals that struggle to find products for their hair and of course my own natural journey.

What’s up with: Lose your hair, Lose your inhibitions?

Lose your hair, Lose your inhibitions I started saying after I cut my hair.

When my hair was long and I had to heat style it every week, I would constantly worry about the weather , my hair frizzing, the next hair wash day and the tedious 5 step 2 hour process that I had to endure to get it society super perfect straight. If my hair did not  look good, I did not feel good and if I was going out and my hair bombed (something that Curly hair is infamous for) I did not have a good time.

Once my hair was chopped off I did not have to worry about all of that, I could focus on other things and I realized that I became more relaxed. That’s when I realized when I lost my hair, I lost all the inhibitions that came along with maintaining society super straight hair.

You can contact me in one of the following ways:

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Enjoy ND 😉


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. My name is Demi and i have thick and curly hair. neither my mom nor my sister has my type of hair so no one really knew how to style it. The only way my hair got styled was through blow drying it as it was the only thing that made it manageable. Years later i now only appreciate my curls and have lost them through heat and colour damage. Any advice on what i could do to get my curls back????? is the only option cutting the damaged bits off?

    1. Hi Demi,
      Thank you so much for your comment. Your thick gorgeous locks is most likely down to genes.

      You are taking me back to when I first went natural I was in exactly the same position heat damage and very little information and advice on how to deal with it.I was so overwhelmed with the amount of hair that I had and how damaged it was that I did not know what to do and that’s one of the reasons I big chopped.
      I am going to be the bearer of bad news but yes you have to trim off the damaged bits. However you don’t have to cut it off all at once.

      First moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and moisturize.
      So that would mean going through and extensive period of moisturizing your hair and putting your hair in protective styling.
      You can use your favourite deep moisturizer I would advise that you do it once maybe even twice a week. Once you have done that use the LOC method to seal moisture in your hair.
      You can protect style your hair by doing your hair in two strand twists, Bantu knots, fingers coils or a bun.

      Before actually cutting/trimming your hair I would advise that you moisturize and protective style for a while so that when you do cut it you not cutting unnecessary hair that didn’t need cutting because it just needed some moisturizing.

      In the end you are going to have to cut off the dry bits to let your hair grow and flourish. If you do keep and hang onto this hair its going to hinder your hair growth. With your hair being dry damaged you most likely also have split ends and if you don’t get rid of the split ends it will split further causing more damage.

      Read this post on how to transition from dry to damaged hair.
      And this one

      I hope this helps Demi and if you need any more questions, please pop it in the comment section.

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