My curly hair hacks

Hey Curly Naturals,

I thought I would share some of my natural hair hacks. These are personalized/invented for my hair and preferences but feel free to try them out to customize them according to your needs.

Reusing old stockings/pantyhose:
For many women that consider themselves coloured re-using old stockings was apart of growing up and part of our straight hair routine. When I went natural I was left with a dilemma: what to do with my old broken stockings?

I have 2 uses for them
An adjustable headband to keep my fro out my face.
Multiple smaller headbands or hair ties that I use when I have my hair in a puff

When I could not find hair bands that were doing what I needed them to do i.e keep my hair out of my face, not be visible and not give me a headache. I took an old stocking, folded it in half and then wrapped it around my hair.

For something a bit lighter when I don’t want to faff around I cut smaller parts of the stocking stretched it out and voila a loose hair band that keeps my hair out of my face.

Upcycling your conditioner bottles

(Disclaimer I have not tried it yet I have been waiting for my Tresemme to be empty but I will have real life pictures up when I do)

Getting the most out of your last little bit of (holy grail) conditioner.

We all know that products suited for natural hair are expensive. I am frugal Fran when it comes to that so when I get to the last bit of my favorite conditioner I add a little water, throw it in a spray bottle and use it as a refresher for my hair when it is in need of a pick me up.

Flax seed gel tips

Flax seed gel, the golden goo in  a glass as fellow blogger of Magical messy me calls it. I love this stuff but I also know that it can be a bit tricky sometimes below are a few tips that I have

Try using the following sieves to  separate the seeds from the rest of your goo. I find that sieves like these or similar are really good for getting all the goo out.



To get the most out I use a wooden spoon to help any of the goo that might have left behind all out and away from the seeds.

Sieve your Flax seed gel as soon as you switch off the plate or remove your pot from the pan.

I find that this 1) not only makes the separating easier but 2) you get most of your gel and 3) you do not sit with goo that has left behind and resulting in you having to reheat it.

The trouble with using a stocking is that if your gel is very thick it is very difficult for the goo to pass through the stocking requiring you to reheat the gel or ending up with a big mess (I do not even want to go into how many times I had to start over because of a flop to put it lightly). The other thing with using a  stocking is that to get all the gel out, especially when you have made it thick, is that you have to use your hands and you end up burning. Someone on the social media have suggested using

Freezing your gel

Yes it is absolutely possible. I became tired of having to make a fresh batch almost every 2 weeks so I decided to freeze it. Once thawed and defrosted it works as a normal batch that you have left in the fridge, the only thing that you might notice is that it might be a little thicker than before it has been frozen and thawed. To combat this I make my gel a little watery or just before the required thickness so that when it is a room temperature its the required thickness that I like.

Splitting wash day in half

This was something that I developed very early into my journey especially when i am not doing wash and go’s.

I pre-poo my hair at night and wash  it in the morning and style it.

Alternatively I pre-poo my hair during the day, wash my hair at night and then style my hair (usually finger coils or my variation of a wash and go) that leaves me with a full day to dry my hair. This option is a bit tiresome so I usually go with option 1.

Now I know that this may vary from hair type to hair type and curl pattern to curl pattern but I have found that not doing everything on one day it does leave me with some free time to do a few other things.


ND 😉


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