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Hey Curly Naturals,

If you have been keeping an eye on my FB page or like it you guys will know that I have been having a love affair with protective styling. During my journey in the past 4 years I have not paid a lot of attention to protective styling but this year I have made it one of my goals to explore this part of being natural.

I have been very diligent with protective styling having my hair wrapped up for 2 weeks and most recently 3 weeks at a time.

I have noticed some considerable improvement in my hair namely;

  • My hair is softer
  • My curls are more defined, more full of life and less limp.
  • I have less shedding when it comes to removing my style.
  • De-tangling is much easier when I let my fro out the week after protective styling is done
  • The overall health  has improved. At times it felt like my hair was chronically dry, my hair now feels more moisturized.
  • I have seen a reduction in fairy/single strand knots as well as split ends.

Last year was the first time I braided my hair in 3 years and it wasn’t even in winter. I am a bit more savvy this time around and know how to go about it I even have a simple and easy style that I want my hair braided that won’t break my pocket.

If you are going going to braid your hair here are a few tips I found useful:

  • Buy your fiber, braid spray and any other hair products that you will need when you do you hair, one month before you do your hair. Buying everything at once is a bit heavy on the pocket.
  • Do a good deep condition before you braid your hair to make that you lock the moisture in because your normal hair care routine will be altered.

Wash/ rinse your braids with Apple cider vinegar or normal white vinegar, braid fiber is sprayed with an Alkaline base to prevent it from molding. This alkaline base is what causes so many naturals to have a reaction once their braids are installed.

How to wash your braids:

  • Fill a small basin with water.
  • Put your fiber in the basin
  • Add your ACV or white wine vinegar
  • press the fiber with your hands to activate the alkaline layer to be removed.
  • Leave it for 10-15 min.
  • You should see a white layer on top of the water that’s when you know it’s working properly.
  • Remove your braids from the water and rinse with clean water.
  • Leave to dry overnight and install.

Below are 2 videos on this topic first why your braids itch and second how to remove the alkaline layer. (if data is low the videos are optional to watch everything mentioned in the videos are mentioned in the post just a bit summarized but I did find them helpful)

First Video is 4:41 min

Second video is 3:24 min



If you are tired of your hair or hit a slump I would recommend protective styling.

ND 😉




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