How to overcome being a product junkie

Product Junkie in the Natural hair isle


Hey Curly Naturals,

This post was sparked by a Facebook comment that I read where a fellow natural for flustered about a new product being released. Her response was somewhere in the line of “not another product that I have to try”

When I went natural 4 years ago the South African market did not have Cantu, Aunt Jackie’s, Au naturale, My natural hair or Curl chemistry.
(Imagine that) all I had access to was Dr Miracles curl care (still love it to this day) ORS, twisted sista and Tresemme Naturals, because my options were limited I was not constantly overwhelmed with having to try out new products because. Although there weren’t a lot of products in the South African market at that time, it did not stop me from buying the ones that were available and trying it on my hair to see if it would work on my curls. By the time the market became flooded with natural hair ranges I pretty much had developed a regimen and had my holy grail products that work for my hair.  Since I already have my favourite products and a fixed regime(n) trying to latch onto a new products or range is like getting water from a stone, the purchase really needs to be justified.

Now having said all that there was a point that I was tipping the Product junkie zone, I was buying and buying and looking and trying until eventually I was left without space to store and keep the products. This made me realize that I was buying too much and buying the same product just a different brand. Why do I need two sulfate free shampoos when one is working perfectly fine?

To overcome being a products junkie you firstly of course need to stop. Stop buying, stop wanting and stop jumping on the bandwagon to use a product that everyone else is using. I

  • Secondly use what you already have if the Shampoo and conditioner is working for you with the defining cream why buy more.
  • If you really like a product read reviews about it and find out what other people say you might find that its not as great or that you can save it for a later time.
  • Treat yourself to a beauty buy/treat every month. I do that even if its a mask or a conditioner my need to get a new product is satisfied and I have something useful that makes me feel good.

Creating a fixed regimen with products you know work and that will give you the results you looking for will change your mindset into buying things you need and not merely want because everyone is using it.

Remember that people buy things they don’t need, with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like. You don’t need to do that, you just need a head of healthy hair that’s defined ,  that’s not dry or tangled

Thank you to Lwazi Kunene of KuneneArts for doing the illustration for the post. Be sure to check out more of his work on his Facebook page: KuneneArts

ND 😉


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