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Low porosity 101

Hey Curly Naturals,

I am almost 4 years into my natural hair journey and there are a few things that I have learned about my low porous hair that I am sure some of you will benefit from. If you are like me then you find it oddly satisfying when you get something right with your hair that you have been struggling with or had the thought “surely this would not work on my hair” and then it actually works.

Since paying attention to the porosity of my hair it has made things so much easier to style my hair, undestand my hair and buy products that are suited for hair.

If you haven’t already, do a hair porosity test by putting your hair in a glass of water, wait for 3-5 minutes.

Be sure to clarify your hair with either a clarifyng shampoo or ACV before the test to get more accurate results.

I usually take 15ml of ACV to 1 cup/250ml of water and work that through my hair. You might need to alter the ratio for your hair needs.



Low Porous hair

Medium  porous hair

High porous hair





Since I have low porous here are the ways that I deal with my hair:

  • Do weekly hair conditioning. Since I do not have a hair steamer or a hooded drier I use a barrier bag (the little bag that your fruit and veggies come in)and my trusted deep conditioning cap on top of that it always gives me a good deep conditioning. (If you do have a hooded dryer by all means go ahead and use it, your hair will love you for it whatever the porosity of your hair.)
  • I recently found that Afrobotanics has a great conditioner (that also has double duty’s as a deep conditioner) that is great for low porous hair. I am not just saying that because of the results that it has given me but through the research that I have done about the product I was able to find that it contains ingredients that low prous hair easily absorbs. You can check out my Review on Magical Messy Merls Blog.

I regularly clarify my hair. Since I do not like sulphate loaded shampoos I do an ACV rinse in the ratio that I mentioned earlier in the post.

Since my hair journey I have been using olive oil and coconut oil, I have since swapped this for Grape seed oil and have noticed that my hair is less weighed down , more moisturized and softer, I do wish that I done this earlier.

Use the following oils to seal in moisture I have recently found that the following oils are great for low porous Grape seed oil ,Argan oil, Almond oil,Jojoba oil is considered a medium oil but is fine to use on low porous hair, fractionated coconut oil can also be used if you low porous hair because its a little lighter than the regular one.

ND 😉



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