Hair Growing

How I trim my hair

Hey Curly Naturals,

This is just a quick post on how I trim my hair.

I try and trim every 4-6 weeks sometimes the frequency is further apart depending on my schedule and how my hair feels. The front part of my hair used to be very dry, one day I just decided to trim it after my umpteenth deep conditioner that did not make a difference, after that the front piecey of hair does not know dryness anymore.

I go through my normal hair day routine and a good deep conditioning, where you pre poo the night before bring out the expensive stuff and leave it on for a good coupe of hours.
For me a good deep conditioning is essential, in order  to see which parts are dry and just need a little TLC see which ones need to be chopped.

Next I condition my hair with my old Tresemme naturals stock (I’ll need to find an alternative soon, but that’s another day’s worry)
I then part my hair in the middle and make 2 strand twists.

middle part 2 strand twists
left side excuse the messy background
right profile two strand twist










Once the twists are set the chopping trimming starts.

I take my fore finger and thumb and work my way down the twist the point where it starts to feel dry is when I make the cut.
Sometimes I take the twists apart and inspect each loc and do a further trim.

Once I’m done I gently unravel the twist and apply the rest of my loc method. I generally like leaving my hair in protective styling just for it to rest and get some extended tlc and for my (new) ends to be gently ushered into the world.

Below is a video of from youtuber Beela Agy (Bright N’ Boldly) I follow the same method that she does in the video

Here are a few more resources on Curly Nikki and one Naturally Curly on how to trim your hair.

ND 😉


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