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Smooth n Shine Hair and scalp cleanser Wonder product That’s on point.

Hey Curly Naturals,

A while back when I was introduced and sent the smooth n shine range the one product that really stood out for me was the Hair and scalp cleanser.

I would describe this product as the Curly/Natural equivalent of dry shampoo for girly with straight hair, hand sanitizer for your hair.
This product is ingenious and a big up to Smooth n shine for creating this product.

Now you know when you have braids and you can’t wash your hair because its not practical for some or other reason or there is one spot on your head that just decided to flip pen itch well this is the answer to your problems.
It has the consistency of hand sanitizer you apply it directly to your scalp and then work it through. It refreshes your hair and eases the Itch preventing you from looking like a maniac beating your head.

Unlike a handsanitizer that would otherwise dry out your hands the hair and scalp cleanser refreshes your scalp and moisturizers your hair. It has a bit of a foamy feel and also removes some oily build up. A little also goes a long way.
If you braid your hair often I would recommend this product hands down.

This is what the scalp cleanser looks like. AS you can see it has the colour and consistency of gel or hand sanitizer, without the harmful effects of course.

Best of all it retails for around: R29-R35.00

Smooth n shine hair and scalp cleanser


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