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Naturally Good: Product review

Hey Curly Naturals,

I introduced you to Naturally Good a Cape Town based company that manufactures Eco-friendly cleaning and personal products.

I bought the Sulphate Free Shampoo with Argan oil and Natural intense repair hair mask.

Sulphate Free Shampoo with Argan oil.

Size: 250ml

Naturally Good Shampoo
Naturally Good Shampoo

No sulfates at all… Instead Coconut Diethanolamide is used as a foaming agent
Argan Oil

The shampoo has a slight naartjie scent thats a bit different from the normal “you smell like a flower” scents from other shampoos.
The shampoo did not lather that much and it felt a bit oily,back to that in a minute. I liked the fact that the shampoo did not lather/foam that much it made rinsing my quicker and shortened my washing time. Now back to the oily part, I did not feel my hair was stripped during and after washing my hair it felt like it was moisturizing my hair while I was washing and my hair.
Instead of my hair being a big bush with oils stripped from it it felt moisturized and my curls even looked defined.

Natural intense repair hair mask.

Size: 250ml

Naturally Good intense repair hair mask
Naturally Good intense repair hair mask

Ingredients we love that’s in the mask:
Glycerine (which is a humectant)
Castor seed oil (antifungal and antimicrobial)
Olive oil
Almond oil
Argan Oil

The hair mask as a very cool scent, no really. At first I thought it smelled like a sexy guys cologne but afterwards it started smelling like a soft ocean breeze.

The consistency is thickish which makes the constant drip, drip, drip while you are deep conditioning your hair almost non-existant.

The mask left my hair moisturized and my curls defined.

The thing that I only realized later about the hair mask is that it is packaged in a bottle, unlike the standard tub that most masks are packaged in. This makes handling it easier when your hands are wet you have soap in your eyes, your hair is dripping and the comb fell on the bathroom floor, you guys know what its like.

Only improvement I would like is having the products in bigger packaging, since us naturals tend to be a bit heavy handed with or products

In future I would like to try other personal products that Naturally good sells the 2 that I have tried have worked fairly well.

Glenda did tweet that there is a Khoisan range so I guess I’ll be trying that soon.

ND πŸ˜‰


10 thoughts on “Naturally Good: Product review

  1. Great review πŸ™‚ Weirdly enough I’m such a fan of the minimalist packaging- we’re paying for the product, not the fancy labels and that’s something I can get behind πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Defs want to try these 🐣

  2. I’ve never had my hair as long as it is now and it’s a mess.

    I’m more than willing to try anything that doesn’t leave me feeling like I have 20kg of wool on my head in this heat.

    Where can I buy this?

    1. Hi Craig, thank you for your comment.

      In order to help I would need to know a few things; how long is your hair, what routine do you currently follow?

      I took a peek at your blog and I liked what I read πŸ˜‰

      ND πŸ˜‰

      1. Well, it’s about 20cm…dry and prone to breakage.

        I normally just wash it and leave conditioner in until the heat drives me insane.

        Oh thank you, right now, my blog is skeletal

      2. Hey Craig,
        I think you a solid regime(n) would do great for hair and investing in some products.

        My normal weekly regimen consists of the following;
        Pre-poo ( a deep condition with coconut oil before you shampoo your hair)
        Condition and de-tangle
        Deep condition and then LOC method

        The LOC Method is the method I use to seal in moisture for my hair.
        Liquid (water or leave in conditioner)
        Oil (I prefer EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
        Cream (I like using Dr Miracles soft hold creme, Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la or flax seed gel all of which give great definition and does not poof up my hair)

        Hope this helps and if you need any more advice. Hit me up in the comment section.

        BTW I like that you are a twin


      3. That seems like an awful of work. Though, after looking at the prices people charge to do it for you, it’s probably worth it!

        Haha, you’re awesome!

  3. Hey Craig,

    At first its a lot of work. However once you know which products work with your hair and your regimen is set it becomes easier.

    To clarify the regime(n) I described above you do once a week. I found that creating a regime(n) for my hair made it easier for me to figure out what works and what did not.

    Start small with buying products and as you see what works it becomes easier to weed out products you don’t like.


  4. Where can I buy this range, I can’t find them on google search. My hair is 19-25 cm long, thick and can get quite oily. Also I am a brunette Caucasian with poofy hair if not using a wide tooth comb etc.

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