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Aunt Jackies Product review

Hey Curly Naturals,

Just after my post on where I buy my hair products, AbigaiL requested a review on the the range and I have been happy to oblige. The only 3 products that I have bought and used in the range is the Aunt Jackies Curling Custard ,Curl la la defining cream and the super duper softening conditioner, hence these will be the only 3 products that I will be reviewing.


Aunt Jackies Curl la la:        

Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la
Aunt Jackie's Curl la la
Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la

Size 255 gram

Price: R39.99 – R59.99 (depending on where you buy it and rand and dollar exchange rate, hence the price sticker in the image)

Added Benefits: (of all the products mentioned in the post)

Sulfate, paraben free. No pretrolatum or mineral oils added. Enriched with Shea buttery goodness and Olive oil.


I initially bought the defining cream to use with my wash and go to add definition. Like most product junkies and naturals out there I was a bit skeptical but after my first use and the popping definition it gave I was sold, I fell hook, line and sinker and  have not looked back since.

It gives you great definition that normal gel would without the alcohol that dries out your hair or makes it so stiff and hard that the wind would not even mess with it. Even if I do add a bit too much, it does make my hair a but crunchy or give it hold (like gel would) but does not dry it out.

I would recommend this for wash and gos, 2 strand twists or any style where your hair needs definition. It also does not cause any build up. Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la has become a staple in my hair regime and one of my fave products.


Aunt Jackie's Baby girl Curls
Aunt JAckie’s Baby Girls Curls Curling Custard

Aunt Jackies Curling Custard:

Aunt Jackie's Baby Girl Curls Curling Custard
Aunt Jackie’s Baby Girl’s Curls Curling Custard

Size: 324ml

Price: R49.99 – R75.99 (Depending on where you buy it and the Rand Dollar exchange rate)

When I first found out Aunt Jackie’s was available in South Africa the Curling Custard was the first one that caught my eye and the one that I wanted to get my hands.

The custard is very soft and lightweight on the hair and gives great definition. It is enriched with coconut oil, shea butter and EVOO. I don’t use it as often or as much as I want to because it does not work that well with my wash and go (or I have not given it a proper chance…). I usually use ut when I protective style my hair and my 2 large twists, it moisturizes  my hair without product build up or flaking, is lightweight and once I undo my hair it gives it a beautiful soft definiton.



Super Duper Conditioning cream          

Aunt Jackie's super duper condtioning treatment
Aunt Jackie’s super duper condtioning treatment

Size: 324ml

Price: R59.99 -R69.99 (Depending on where you buy it and the Rand Dollar exchange rate)

The super duper conditioning cream was the other product that I bought with the Curling custard. I was super excited to use it but I was not that blown away by it after I used and finished my first tub.

The conditioner is a 3 in 1, You can either use it as a co-wash, normal conditioner or a deep conditioning treatment. I was not wowed by this product at all. I prefer using it as a normal conditioner or a co-wash but was not that impressed when I used it as a deep. conditioning treatment. The product has a light weight consistency which is great when you are doing a co-wash and it needs a pick me up.

It does not have such a lot of slip as I thought it would have but does a great job with moisturizing your hair.

Just because my experience with the product is not all that great I would still recommend it because I think its pretty decent as a conditioner and a co-wash.


ND 😉


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