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Naturally Good: An Eco-friendly range

Hey Curly Naturals,

About a month ago I found this company called Naturally Good, a company situated in Cape Town that manufactures Eco-friendly cleaning products as well as a small natural hair range.

I happened to see the company signage on a car and took note of the name, later that night I went onto the website and boy oh boy was I happy by what I discovered by absolute chance. My initial interest was the Eco-friendly cleaning products that the company was selling, upon further inspection on their website I found that the company also has a natural hair range. I was delighted to say the least!


I immediately sent of an inquiry via the online form and I  was sent a PDF file with the price list. On the 28 September I met Glenda, one of the owners of the business, and bought some of the products. Glenda is so enthusiastic about products that we use that do not harm our bodies I have to add that her enthusiasm was contagious and meeting her exposed me to an organization that will assist me in my future ventures.

I will be reviewing some of the products that I bought from Glenda that post will be coming to your inbox in the month of October .

In the mean time if you want to know more about Naturally Good here are their contact details:

Office: 021 447 7197

Factory: 021 696 2156


072 172 6191 – Charlene

084 488 8801 – Glenda


Unit 9B, Ground Floor

Upper East Side,

31 Brickfield Road,




ND 😉


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