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Flax seed Gel

Hey Curly Naturals,


A few weeks ago I decided to buy some flax seeds to add to my homemade seed mix and to make Flax seed gel.


For those of you that are not familiar with Flax seed gel here is a brief overview:

The gel is made by boiling the flax seeds in water, the mixture is then strained leaving a gooey egg white textured mixture that you then apply to your hair.

It works just like conventional gel by adding definition and hold without drying out your hair and making it stiff. If I had to compare it to a commercial product it would be Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la, I can almost not tell the difference between the two when it is applied to my hair. The only difference is that I have to apply more flax seed gel to my hait than Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la.

Enough talk here is how you can make your own.

What you will need:

  • A small saucepan
  • 100ml water
  • 80ml flax seeds
  • A small strainer or pantyhose
  • A container to store your gel

How your make your gel

  • Add the water and flax seeds to the saucepan and then onto the stove top.
  • Let it chill and then start paying attention once it starts boiling.
  • When the water foams your gel is almost ready, put the spoon in the water pour some out to test the consistency, if it is the consistency of egg white you know its ready.
  • Strain the seeds using your small strainer or if you you do not have one use old pantyhose. (Just pour the liquid into the pantyhose, it will catch the seeds and leave you with the gooey mixture in your container.
  • All the mixture to cool down and apply to you 2 strand twist, wash and go, bantu knots or flexi rod set. Because it is a natural gel I would suggest storing it in a fridge. Once it starts getting moldy you know its shelf life is over and ready to toss.
  • You can keep the strained flax seeds  and reuse it, it won’t be as gooey but its worth a reuse.

From left to right are the steps as list above

Here is to natural definition.

ND 😉



5 thoughts on “Flax seed Gel

  1. Hi Nidia, great post 🙂 I used to boil in some JBCO to make it smell good as well 🙂 I agree with the AJ comparison, you do have to use quite a lot and its quite hard to grab if you dont use it from a pump or pour bottle XD The shelf life is what discouraged me in the end, mine never lasted long enough to warrant the process.

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