The kinks in my Curly hair relationship, 3 years on….

Hey Curly Naturals,

28 June 2016 marked 3 solid years that I have been natural and since I big chopped.

It’s hard to believe that I have been natural that long, what is life like now? Well for starters I have grown and changed a little, I am no longer the stickler for perfection about my hair, I go with the flow and as long as my hair is healthy and popping I am cool. For the sake of easy reading I have divided how being natural has changed my life in different sections:


My hair has truly become part of my identity, whenever I have my hair in protective styling some people at work complain (and they are mostly guys) and ask me what happened to my Afro I even have a special guy at work (shout out to Sherman) that is allowed to touch my hair, why you might ask? Well Sherman knows how to touch my hair he does not grope, or pull it its more of a gentle play and he always leaves my hair the way he found it. He even said  that when he and his Fiance have a baby he hopes the baby’s hair would be like mine and since his fiance has straight hair I offered my natural hair advice. Sherman if everyone would touch my hair the way you do there would be some many natural girls happy to have their hair touched and it would make the natural hair community a much better place.


I absolutely enjoy the versatility that comes with being natural. Having said that I have yet to try out different styles for different occasions and get the knack of a 2 strand twist and win with Bantu knots. (I tried Bantu knots once, they were going to be a win but I made them slightly too big and they did not get dry in time) There has also been times where I would go without a wash for 2 weeks and my hair would still look bomb, with straight hair there is no way that you can do that.


Although I have found products that work for me, I would still like to see more kickass natural ranges on the market at affordable prices. There have definitely been a few hits (Aunt Jackies, Dr Miracles and True African by Clicks) but a few misses too (Tresemme Naturals being discontinued). I have thought about developing my own range but for now those are just pipe dreams.

Life in general

If you would ask me what the best decision is that I have made, I will definitely say it would be going natural. I am no longer the uptight girl that fusses about the weather and her and that gets angry because she can’t go out because the weather and her hair is not working together. I have explored a different side of my personality since going natural and it is one that I rather like. On a  deep note, I think that my natural hair fits in completely  well with my personality and where I always used to think that God made a mistake in giving me curly hair I now think that it suits me quiet fine.

I have thought about straightening my hair mostly because I want something different but also because I get that question a lot; will I ever straighten my hair or have I straightened my hair since going natural. For now I am too scared of heat damage (but that would not matter if I do it before I do my 6 weekly trim because then I would be trimming away most of the heat damage anyway) but mostly I will feel like a fake ass a hypocrite for claiming to be a natural ambassador but then straightening my hair. For now I will just saute on that idea.

Here is to a life time of naturalness.

ND 😉


4 thoughts on “The kinks in my Curly hair relationship, 3 years on….

  1. Love reading your posts I’ve transitioned for over a year and I’ve been natural since May. I came across this page while transitioning and honestly it has helped me so much in terms of hair products getting to know myself my hair texture and just having someone who you can really relate to. I was destined for this journey I love my kinks and wouldn’t trade it for anything! Thanks ND

  2. I am so glad that my blog has helped you while you have been transitioning. I felt alone too hence the creation of the blog. Enjoy your curls and thank you for reading the blog

    ND 😉

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