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Where does SA Curly Girl buy her Hair Products

HI Curly Naturals,

I get asked this question often, so I decided to do this post.

There are 3 main places:

  • Clicks (I am addicted to Clicks)


  • Newlook Cosmetics (Sells well known brands as well as less popular and well known brands with a wide range of hair fiber for braiding)


  • Cosmetic and Music City (Yes they do sell music related products but they also offer a wide variety of less popular or well known products as well as hair accessories such as Flexi

Now Clicks Pharmacy everyone is familiar with but the other 2 shops that I have mentioned not many are familiar with those 2 (hence the images provided).

As far as I am aware Newlook  Cosmetics and Cosmetic and Music City is only located in the Western Cape.

At Clicks I will mainly buy Tresemme Naturals because they have it on special/markdown often(well before it got discontinued) as well as Dr Miracles.

Now Newlook and Cosmetic City are the South African version of Drug stores, I love browsing through the stores to look through the less popular products and before Clicks sold the Aunt Jackie’s Range ,Newlook Cosmetics had it first (no offence to Clicks but I buy it at Newlook because it is way cheaper)

Now in each inner city I have found smaller, independently owned hair shops/drug stores that offer the same ranges that Newlook and Cosmetic City offer, it is just a matter of looking around and finding your hair shop/drug store Gold mine.

I hope this post has helped each of you Curly Naturals.

If you know of hair shops/local drug stores in your are then please hit the comment section below to help other Curly Naturals.

ND 😉


10 thoughts on “Where does SA Curly Girl buy her Hair Products

  1. love this post, at which clicks do you get the Aunt Jackies? I live in Helderberg and have been to all our clicks’s not finding it 😦

    1. Hi Chantal,
      To be honest not many Clicks that I have been to stock the range. Its a matter of luck if you do go into Clicks. I don’t think Clicks done such a good job at marketing the range.
      I won’t advise going to a specific Clicks to find the range, what I do is whenever I go to a mall or shopping centre and I know there is a Clicks I make a turn sometimes I find my products sometimes I don’t. When I do find my product I try and buy at least 2 of whatever it is I want and in that way I always make sure I have my fav product and should I find it again I just stock up.

      I hope my plan of action helps you in getting your fav products and being in stock.

      ND 😉

  2. Hi
    Thank you so much for this info. Until I read your blog I was only shopping at Dischem and Clicks but I went to the New Look and I am so happy that I got the Aunt Jackie’s curl custard for a good price. They were out of stock on some Dr Miracle products though but i will definitely go back for more. Thanks again. You are speaking to the struggles us curly girls face in SA. 🙂

    1. Hi Loala,

      Omw!!! I am so stocked that you went to Epping.

      Your comment proves what I was saying about the pricing and the range. I hope you had a ball of a time and I am glad you managed to to get some of your fav products.

      Glad I could help.

      ND 😉

  3. As you know, I usually purchase most of my hair products at New Look but always pop into Clicks before my trek to New Look to compare prices. The other day I went to Clicks and guess what, my Clicks has almost the whole range of Aunt Jackie’s products. I’m smiling all the way to the store cuz now I don’t have to fall around to find my favorite products.

    Btw I’ve read that Dark & Lovely is launching a new natural product range for us naturalistas. You should do a review on that. I’m dying to know whether it is good.

    1. Hi Soraya,

      Thank you for your comment.
      WHile I do agree that Clicks is convenenient they are a bit pricey, I guess we have to pay for convenenience don’t we.

      I’ll be on the look out for the Dark and lovely range that you mentioned and once I get hold of it I will even do a review.

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