Going Healthy: Working out resources

Hi Curly Naturals,

2016 is here and some of you may have resolved to get fit, in shape, start working or losing weight. Below are some resources to get you started. These are resources that I have found useful and e

Jessica Smith TV: Jessica does at home fitness videos, this makes the channel relate able to me since I workout at home.

Fitness Blenders: The fitness Blender team consists of husband and wife duo Daniel and Kelly. The channel has a variety of workouts that you can also do at home. You can also check out their website for more info.

Blogilates: I initially found Cassey Ho’s tumblr blog that took me to her website and YouTube channel. Her website has the most helpful printable workouts to tone your abs and tummy. Her tumblr blog also features quick, cheap and easy smoothies.This is one of the most  girly friendly workout websites, its covered in vibrant colours that make you want to workout.

Darebee: I love Darebee! The website is created and run by self confessed nerd. The workouts are free themed clear printable illustrations that include how many sets to do for each exercise and rests to take in between reps. I was scanning through the website and saw a Lara croft themed workout, now wouldn’t that make you want to workout?

Last but not least,

Be fit: I’ve mentioned the channel before but if you haven’t read those posts. Be fit offers free high quality workouts and I have quiet a few workouts from the channel on my phone.

Happy New year,happy exercising and happy new you.

ND 😉



2 thoughts on “Going Healthy: Working out resources

  1. Naturally Kinky me there is a fitness motivation that says Motivation gets you going,discipline keeps you going. I suggest trying doing a 10 minute work out, soon the results and endorphins will keep you going. The resources that I mentioned in the post all have 10-15 minute workouts (some even have 7min and 20 min workouts). If that is not your cup of tea, I can also suggest dance workouts that you can find under the Be fit channel or check out Refit rev on YouTube. Good luck and may the motivation find you.

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