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Smooth n’ Shine by Schwarzkopf

Smooth n' Shine range
Smooth n’ Shine range

Hi Curly Naturals,

I know that I said that would have a review up last week about the Smooth n’ Shine range, but alas I could not, I had a friend’s wedding to attend and there were last minute prepping that needed to be done to attend the wedding.

Apologies out of the way let me tell you about the range. I was contacted by a hair distributor and asked if I would do a review of the range, I said yes and shortly after the range was sent to me.

About the range:

Smooth n’ Shine is a natural hair range developed by Schwarzkopf. The range contains Moringa and Olive Oil and is created in Africa for African hair.  You can read up more about the range on this cute website and it even has a store locator, what I don’t have is a overall price of the range.

Now this range is marketed for Curly Naturals African/4C/Ethnic hair but as we Curly Naturals know that a range can sometimes work for your hair even if it is marketed to a certain hair type or demographic and I have already found that to be true (with this range too).

What does the range consist of?:

  • Moisturizing Shampoo (Received one of the shampoos will indicate which one when I do the post)
  • Deep repair Shampoo
  • Hair and Scalp Cleanser (Received this)
  • Oils Sheen Spray
  • Hold and Shine Spritz
  • Foam wrap
  • Oil Moisturizer
  • Wonder Spray
  • Nourishing Hair food (Received this)
  • Deep repair treatment (Wish I could have reviewed this)
  • Detangling Lotion
  • Leave in Softener (Received this)
  • Fresh Revival Spray
  • Relaxer Innovation (No-Lye)
  • Style Wonder Kit (No-mix Sodium relaxer)

Reviewing an entire range is a mammoth task so what I will be doing is the using a product and then updating this post after each product use. In this way there is one (long ass) post about the range and not separate posts about the same range for the different products. I tried it with the Twisted Sista range and it was redundant.

As with all companies creating a natural hair range for Curlies/Naturals we say thank you (Schwarzkopf)

My first update on this post will be about: Hair and Scalp Cleanser

ND 😉


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