Lets get down to business

Hi Curlies,

A while back I found this amazing (no really it is amazing) Fitness channel called Be Fit. The channel offers high quality workouts and even complete workouts.

On the 11 November I completed the 30 day Butt Lift challenge before I completed the program I decided I was going to take it up a notch and take part of a program that will really kick my butt literally. My aim is not to lose weight, only be a bit more toned and less flabby.

The 30 day butt lift program is easy to follow and it gradually builds up to more exercises in the third week. The program was created by trainers; Alicia Marie and Courtney Prather. My favorite is the Tabata and the Yoga exercise. And may I add that Alicia Marie has become my fitness inspiration.

Check out the 30 Day butt lift preview below and here for the timetable:

(For more of more workouts be sure to check out the Be Fit Youtube channel)

Get your booty into gear Curlies!

ND 😉

*This post is purely informative, consult your doctor before you start any workout plan.




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