Can we be honest about the 1/4 life crises?

I just read an article on Buzzfeed that struck a nerve with me and I just needed to share my thoughts.

The article was a compilation of Whisper app confessions, where people in their 20’s confess how they are not where they thought they would be. Before the article I was watching another being in your 20’s video that led me to the article.

I thought I was alone, I look at other people my age and they look like they have all their shit strings pulled together and I am just flopping around and then I think about my “plan” that I had before leaving school and how all that has gone up into smoke making me feel like a failure.

I once spoke to someone a little older than me and I told her that I am a failure and she was shocked that I would say that about myself. She made it very clear that I should not be calling myself a failure and that just because I have not achieved all the things that I wanted to at this age does not mean that it will not happen, it just means that those goals need a little extra time, I sometimes do get what she is saying.

Sometimes we focus so much on what we have not achieved, how much we still have to do and all the other cracks in between. If I look back at where I was compared to now I have made strides, maybe not strides, maybe little steps or shoves but little improvement is better than no improvement.

The first video I totally relate to, the second one led me to the Buzzfeed article..


2 thoughts on “Can we be honest about the 1/4 life crises?

  1. I literally just wrote an article similar to this, asking who has the answers on how to reach life goals and is there anyone living out their life’s dream ( I can totally relate to how u feel. Life is so confusing and frustrating sometimes smh but anyways keep pushing and know your not alone
    Signed a confused millennial Lol

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