Curly Diary

Its Popping!

It’s popping!

Hi Curlies,

What you might ask is popping well my hair of course 🙂

I think that I have finally found my holy grail product, and it has been under my nose all this time….

So few weekends ago I was too lazy to style my hair so I opted for a wash and go. I had done my normal LOC Method that is until I got to the C part. I smothered my hair in Dr Miracles Soft Hold crème and for a bit of moisture added ORS Hair pudding to the front bits that are always dry. I was loving the moisturizing feeling and defined look the Soft hold Crème was giving me.

I air dried my hair and took a nap (on a towel, I could not find my hair t-shirt) the next morning my hair was popping; my curls were defined, bouncy, looked and felt moisturized.  I liked how my hair was behaving so I left my hair as is and only moisturized mid week with water, Dr Miracles Weightless moisturizing crème and my trusted Tresemme Naturals.

So why have I only discovered my holy grail product after having it all this time? Well there are several reasons:

  • I never applied enough of the product to my hair, when I made the discovery I had slapped several layers of the product to my hair because it was dry, it not only moisturized my hair but kicked up the definition.
  • I was never patient instead of sticking to one product I would swish and swap , It was only when I became consistent with my hair products and hair regime/n that I knew which combination of products worked well with my hair.
  • I think that with my hair’s length has improved the way the product works.

I have always liked the Dr Miracles soft hold crème for styling and the Weightless moisturizing crème for moisture during the week to liven my hair up a bit.

Since my initial discovery I have repeated my application of the Dr Miracles Soft hold creme with success each time, I sometimes add Aunt Jackies Curl la la defining cream. This week I also successfully created a proper side path, something else that I struggled with and it was so easy…

Here is how:

  • When my hair was wet after I added my Tresemme Naturals and before continuing my LOC Method, I created a side path my with rat tail comb.
  • I then continued with my LOC method adding my oil and then the Dr Miracles Soft Hold creme and a dollop of Aunt Jackies Curl la la defining cream
  • I then pinned my hair and let it dry,once it was 80% dry I removed the hair pin. I took a bath using a hair band to keep my hair out of place.

I am in year 2 of my journey so if you have not found your holy grail product yet, do not fret as you have read it takes time, tweaking here and there and the right circumstances to find your holy grail product.

ND 😉

Below are pictures of how real shrinkage is and the defined wash and go (Sorry for the dark photos my room has poor lighting)

Freshly LOC'd
Freshly LOC’d
90% Dry with a BRF, do you notice the Shrinkage?
Just before I hit the sack.
Just before I hit the sack.
Products used
Products used

4 thoughts on “Its Popping!

    1. Hi that unemployed girl

      The Dr Miracles Curl care range is available at Clicks Stores, as for the Aunt Jackie’s range that you will at Jabula (if you live in Cape Town) otherwise try New Look Cosmetics.

      ND 😉

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