Kinks I’ve learned about my hair…

In the 2 years of my hair journey I have learned new things about my hair and things that I don’t like about my hair.

My hair gets big and to be honest I feel embarrassed about it because of the sheer amount of overwhelmingness that I feel but not long after that I totally love it

I have weird textures: The front part is very dry, grass dry, hay dry its just so dry, the back part is really soft and then I have a middle patch on top of my hair that is cottony. Now let me tell you about this middle patch, it is cottony, it does not define easily and when if I style my hair I dare not touch it lest it be a little puff on top of my hair.

Steam is my friend: When I do a coil out or 2 strand twist out it looks very styled a bit too styled for my liking so when I take a bath/shower my hair poofs up a bit and the hairstyle transforms to almost a different style with a little more volume that I always appreciate.

I still have not found my holy grail product….#nuffsaid #Curlyhairprobs

I do not like 2 Strand twists but I do like a flat twist out… I do not know if I am doing it wrong but I just don’t like it.

I have a lot of hair…. but when it is wet its not that much I think that might be why my 2 strand twists are fails. Even before they are twisted out. In fact they look like springy spaghetti’s.

People have hair envy over my hair. Now I know for some of you reading this it is obvious but if you are like me and hated your hair, practically your whole life and kick yourself for not embracing your hair sooner or when you were a bit younger.

What have you learned about your hair and how it kinks?

ND 😉


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