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The reason for Dr Miracles Curl care price increase

Hi Curly Girls,

I know that I have been MIA, it has been winter so I have not been doing much with my hair and the blog roll has been a bit slow.

I have slowly started running out of the my Dr Miracles Curl Care Soft Hold creme so I decided to stock up before I really run out. I noted that the price of the Dr Miracles Curl care range had increased by almost R20.00. This was a concern for me since I am a curly girl that uses the range. After posting a tweet to Clicks I got word from their Social media team and this is what they said. (Paraphrased)

Clicks imports most of its products ,The price increase was unavoidable due to the weak exchange rate . The Dr Miracles Curl Care range has also not increased steadily over the past couple of years and thus the sudden increase that we feel.

I know that this is not ideal news but at least we have an explanation as to why the sudden increase in the price.

Thank you to Clicks for the feedback.

ND 😉


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