Hair Growing

Finger Coils

After my hair was left dried out and grassy I had to find a easy style and technique that would be a success every time, after putting 1 and 1 together I tried the the finger coils without the help of Youtube. The first time I coiled out my hair I was not happy with the result and then succumbed to wearing a headscarf on my hair.

Not wanting to feel defeated I took off the headscarf off once I got back home and tried to understand/salvage what was going on with my hair.

Right Profile
Right Profile
Left Profile
Left Profile













Now I know that it looks all matted and mangled but that was before all the coils were uncoiled and separated. The headscarf on my head also squashed my hear a bit. After patiently separating the curls and recoiling/twisting some of them I was happy with the result and kept the style became my go to style for a few months.

I followed my normal hair regime/n but added ORS Hair pudding. I just have to add that this product is great!! The ingredients in the product is great off the top of  my head it contains coconut oil, olive oil and  Aloe Vera, although it contains mineral oils which some CG do not like but it’s not a biggy for me.

Here are some pictures of my other attempts at the Finger Coils.

6 day old coil out
A fresh Coil out
A fresh Coil out












I will soon do an in depth product review on the ORS Hair pudding. 😉

ORS Hair Pudding
ORS Hair Pudding

8 thoughts on “Finger Coils

  1. Wow!!Your hair has really grown since your last post! How do you maintain these coils, like when u to to bed and hav a shower, what to you do to keep their shape? Also have you tried twist outs? And how do you feel about them? Im trying to find that a protective style that lasts a few days, without having to spend too much time on maintenance before a weekly, or even two-weekly wash.

    1. Hi Lady A,

      It’s grown so much it’s become a bit unmanageable but somehow I manage.
      The coils are easy to maintain, once I separate the fat/bigger coils I leave alone until my next wash.
      I sleep on a satin pillow case, sometimes I use a hair band made from an old stocking/pantyhose to keep it dangling in my face, when I bath or shower I use a bathroom/spa headband and put it right up to my where my hairline starts. This keeps the hair propped up and out of my face.

      I am not a fan of twist outs or bantu knots, it requires too much drying time and they are always a fail, with the finger coils I can sleep with semi dry hair and it will be dry the next morning. But once I have more time and patience I will probably try them our again.

  2. Wow, I think they came out real nice. The end result is very defined bouncy curls, which is fab. I’ be never tried them as I’m currently transitioning but can’t wait to give it a try

    1. Hi Rikki,

      This style is very easy, I loved it but took a break because it became boring and predictable but this one definitely works for me, I hope it works for you when you try it. 😉

    1. Hi tjcksn,

      Nothing, I do nothing. I know it sounds blunt but that is why I love this style it just works for my hair and me.
      I do not touch my hair, except for the occasional twirl or separating of a coil that feels to fat.
      At night I sleep on a satin pillow case and if my hair is hanging in my face I will keep it out with a head band made from old stocking/pantyhose.

      1. Your hair looks so beautiful! I can’t wait until my hair grows out some so that I can try this style. I recently did a big chop and then I cut it down even lower Lol. But I’m done now I’m ready to start growing my hair out.

      2. I also went through the “I want to have my hair short for a while because I have never done it before” phase enjoy it while the hair is growing out because one does miss the care free life of short hair

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