Hair Growing

Length Check

My humblest apologies that this post is soooo late, my shoddy excuse? Life happened, it really did.
So my hair is 22cm long! I cannot believe it; it hangs into my neck when I pull a curl all the way out.
Obviously with this new length I have had to adjust my hair regime/n and I now do finger coils.
It’s kind of fascinates me how I adjust my routine as my hair grows, I think that’s the little blessing in a big chop; you learn about your hair as it grows instead of having to deal with a whole bunch of damaged hair all at once.

My hair has grown a lot since I actually drafted this post and I have decided to not continue with the Finger Coils for a while at least for quiet a few reasons. But I am also too lazy and impatient to try any other techniques. They are sometimes just too time consuming and almost always end up in a cottony frizzy mess.

My regimen is pretty much the same; in fact I would actually say I have a solid regimen.
Until the next post, where I discuss my journey with Finger coils, bye Curly girls.

(Now these pictures were taken at work in my office, I had no other choice this post had to be published. My colleagues on the other hand did not mind at all since they know I am a devoted Curly Girl)

😉 ND

Length Check
Length Check 2
Length Check
Length Check



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