Kalahari Sloppy/incompetent Service Part 1

Firstly I would like to apologize to all my curly girls subscribed to my blog. Desperate times call for desperate measures and the atrocious service that I have received from online store; Kalahari not once but twice in a row, I would certainly define as desperate time calling for a desperate measure.

The story goes back to 15 December 2014, when I ordered a phone from Kalahari, my Blackberry at this point was 2.5 years old and slowly falling apart. I phone was delivered on time and all was good and well. I had the phone for about a month when the charger exploded. (Something that hasn’t ever happened to me)

First Mistake: I logged the complaint. Whoever was reading or processing my complaint could have advised me that I am able to buy a charger which I would have gladly done than be stuck without a phone. This was my first experience with the company and did not what they had in their catalogues so to speak.

Second Mistake: I did not receive an email detailing the return process and my phone was collected right under my feet. I could not even give the courier that collected my phone a tracking number.

Third mistake: After receiving no correspondence from Kalahari
(besides an email telling me they received my return) I decided to give them a call. A manager, Janice Weiner, confirmed that my return had been received and that it was being processed.

After some Twitter correspondence I had been notified (on Twitter) that my account was credited (or refunded) by someone named Given that works in the Twitter department.  Given did not even care to get away from his computer and notify telephonically that my account would be credited and the reason for the account being credited. (The specific phone that I bought was being discontinued).

After a lot of back and forth and me calming down, Janice Weiner, had proposed a phone that had the similar specs of my first phone and that I would not have to pay in the difference and the call centre agent Mischka also gave a voucher for all the inconvenience that Kalahari put me through.

On 30 January 2015 I ordered a new phone as Kalahari stated a delivery of 2 days or 48 hours is expected. On 2 February 2015 I was excitedly expecting my new phone… That did not happen. In Part 2 I detail what went down.



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