Kalahari Sloppy/Incompetent Service Part 2

Ok, so in 2 February I was expecting delivery of my replacement phone from Kalahari something which did not happen. I called at 16:45 on 2 Feb and was told that the courier (Fed Ex) would deliver at 17:15. After my long day at work I had to wait outside of my office building and no courier showed up, so at 17:30 I left to go home.

On 3 February my blood already boiling from the return issue I called and spoke to Nadeem and Kalahari know that was not delivered, Kalahri let me know that the courier could be there between before or just after 10:30.

By 11:00am when I received no parcel I contacted the courier company directly (Fed Ex) and asked them where my parcel is. I was told that the driver would deliver at 11:20, 11:20 came and went nothing…

I called again at 12:45 and I was told (with a lot of attitude) that I should give the driver sometime since he is running a bit late. Just before close of business I called Kalahari again telling them the back and forth. The call centre agent told me that Fed Ex had written in their notes that I was not at the delivery address Lies! Not true I had been at work the whole day on 2 and 3 Feb even asking my colleague to sign for the package on my behalf if I was busy or on lunch.

3 February, I called again and was told that the courier would deliver in 20 minutes (17:20) I waited outside of my work building (again ) until 5:30 and still no delivery.

2 out of 3 times that I have worked with Kalahari they have wiped themselves off on me. Clearly my money is good enough to be taken but when this company actually has to give customer service and communicate effectively they turn out sloppy, incompetent and just don’t give a damn.

  • I did not hesitate to purchase from this company since my mother has been a customers for years.
  • I gave descriptive details because sometimes people find it difficult to find the address where I want my phone delivered to.



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