1 Year growth Anniversary

I do apologize for not blogging as frequently as I should and like I did in the earlier days of my blog.

Now that I have the apologized I have news to share:

From the title of the post you already have an idea what it is about. Today marks one year of me growing my hair, last year this time I went to the barber and had my last buzz after 6 months of keeping my hair short.

I would be lying to you if I said that I did not expect to have a BAA, but as a you all know my fellow (South African) curly girls. The road to neck length,bra strap length and whatever else length is paved with deep conditioning, Bantu-knots, two strand twists, pre-pooing, co-washing, air drying, flexi roding, ACV clarifying and down right to product junkism.

Alas lasses I will speak…. or wait type no more (I would be speaking but I do not have a YouTube channel…yet) please see the results of the past year.

The length check in centimeters is: 14 cm long, that 1 cm shy of half of a school ruler!!! And apparently I am out of the TWA stage although due to shrinkage I sometimes feel like I am.

ND 😉

A few weeks post chop.


This is what 1 year of growth looks like.
This is what 1 year of growth looks like.

2 thoughts on “1 Year growth Anniversary

  1. Hi Nidia, you have such beautiful hair. Thanks so much for sharing. Its so difficult to find products for kinky natural hair.
    Its been 2wks since my big chop. Love the lavender spritz. My hair feels dry even though its so short.
    I will definitely be checking your blog regularly.
    Happy New Year! 😉

    1. Hi Mpumi,

      Thank you so much for checking out my blog. Congrats on taking the big leap to the big chop, I assure you that the next year is going to both challenging and interesting journey.
      Stay tuned as I will posting the Twisted Sista product reviews.

      ND 😉

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