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Twisted Sista Product Review Series: How I got my hands on the range.

So here goes the first of the Twisted Sista range.

How the range landed in my hands:

A few months ago (ok lets be real; last year) I saw this new curly range in a Clicks Pharmacy advertising leaflet. I was very excited and decided to thank Clicks Pharmacy directly for making this range available to South African Curly Girls. Low and behold not long after that I get an email from Greg de Bock, the sales manager from the Cape Town toiletries Company thanking me and offering to send the range to me, of course I was jumping out of my skin but calmly emailed that I would be happy to receive the products.

Now the reason why I have put this off for this long is because I was still cutting my hair and I felt that I could not really judge or give a proper review of the range with short hair. So now that my hair is a bit longer and I have tried the products with my longer locks I present to you my Twisted Sista product review series. (Post to follow soon)

ND πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Twisted Sista Product Review Series: How I got my hands on the range.

  1. Hi there!!! Love your blog. It’s great to know that there are SA ladies telling SA hair stories with SA hair products 😁😁😁 so I wanted to ask if you think the easy waves gel could work for my type hair (natural 4c and coarse). I have actually neglected to consider the gel but have used the moisturiser which left my hair soft and shiny for a very short while 😰😰. Also i love doing Bantu knots but can’t seem to find a product that can hold the curls for at least 4 days…any recommendations?

    1. Hi Dudu,

      Thank you for the support, I appreciate it so much. πŸ™‚

      Ok, so I am going to speak from what I have seen from my mother. My mother also has(believe it or not) 4c kinky hair and she loves the Easy waves gel, what makes this product so nice is that although it’s a gel it does not dry out your hair but gives great definition and also moisturizing.

      As for the Bantu knots; I am not sure if you are aware that Aunt Jackie’s hair range has recently entered the South African Market. The range is great and worth the splurge. You can find it at New Look Cosmetic Stores and Clicks. What I like to use when I do my finger coils is ORS Hair Pudding, the only places I manage to find it was at New Look Cosmetics and Sound and Music City. It’s a huge tub and it lasts long, I still have mine that I bought in December 2014, among the first 5 ingredients in the product is Coconut oil, olive oil and Aloe Vera. (My mother used this product before, hers was finished before mine)

      Also, do yourself a favor and book a day out where you go to shops that stock hair products(New look cosmetics, Sound and Music City and Jabula in Cape Town), you know the ones that have the different weaves, fiber and hair products not found in main stream shops you will be surprised what you find there but read please also read what are in the products, we don’t want products that contain harmful chemicals. Also these shops usually don’t break the bank and also sell products in bulk.

      I hope this helps, like you I am also trying to find my holy grail products.


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