A while back Bob Clary from Webucator, sent me an email asking me if I would be part of a campaign of theirs to share what my most marketable skill is. I scratched my head a bit until I realized it’s something that people often tell me: you’re so driven/motivated.

The one thing that I feel has gotten me to where I am is the little wheel inside of me that just spins constantly and compels me to be driven. In order for me to achieve my goals and get what I want I have had to push in and press on to get them.

In my second year of college I knew that it was time for me to get a part time job after my savings ran out, since my family moved to a new town and I wasn’t familiar with the area I walked the whole town flat with a couple of my CV’s (resumes) on a very scorching hot day looking for a job. I eventually got a weekend job that I worked at for 2 years and that made me financially independent and gave me a sense of purpose. When I wanted to get a new internship, I was on the internet everyday when taking the train home and saving jobs to my email and applying for them later. When I was done studying, I “chilled” at home for 2 weeks and then started my interning period.

Sitting at home receiving pocket money and hand outs from your parents is not helping them and most of all not you. Earning your own money gives you pride in yourself and a sense of purpose.

What I am saying is that you need to go out there and with all the breath that you have in your body make it happen for yourself. You need to relentless in your pursuit, leave no stone unturned, no tree rooted, when you should be able to look back and say I tried my best and I exhausted all possible resources. Something might not happen immediately but your pursuit will not go unnoticed:

People help people that want to help themselves.

ND 😉

Check out Webucator


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