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Hair update Month 5…. The low down of Braids

This post is veeery overdue but here goes:

I braided my hair about 2 weeks ago. I always wanted to braid my hair when I was younger but my mother would not allow me to do it. Now that I am a young adult she could not refuse and agreed to  braid my hair.

I braided my hair for 2 reasons: 1, because it is winter and I wanted to do a bit of protective styling and give my hair a break from all the styling every morning. Although a twa (teeny weany afro) is low maintenance it still needs to be styled every morning. In my case I have to style my hair every morning because my curls get squashed even though I sleep on a satin pillow case. 2, it takes a bit longer for my hair to get dry even when I spritz it  in the morning (not to mention if  I dunk my had under the shower) and with it being winter I get cold all  the time.

I can’t really say how long it took to braid my hair but if I have to guess I will say about ± 20 hours.

Products that I used

  • Dr Miracles Deep Conditoning Treatment
  • Darling Xpressions hair fiber
  • ORS (Organic root stimulator) Edge Control



I prepped my hair by doing a deep condition on my hair. I added nothing to my hair after that.


For the braiding my mother used Organic Root stimulator now known as ORS Edge Control. My hair is very soft now that I am going natural and she just used that to have more grip on my hair.


  • Immediately after my hair was braided I dipped the ends about halfway  into  boiling water in a bucket; the purpose for this is to loosen up the braids a bit because it is quiet stiff. This also depends on the type of fiber that you use.
  • Afterwards I wet a towel under very hot water and put it on my head as a compress so that I could relieve some of the pressure.
  • My mother also advised me to take 2 pain tablets when I go to sleep and I followed her advice. Since she has braided her hair herself many times before who was I to not take her advice.
  • I regularly sprayed my hair with Jabu Stone Braid Spray for itching and Fungus.

Problems I encountered…..

But honestly now, by the third and fourth day of the second week my scalp was itching like heck. I decided to wash my hair by parting it in four and making buns, but the moment I got into the shower, I loosened my hair and then soaped my head up. I then sprayed my hair with Jabu Stone braid Spray and it only itched for about 2 days after that.

By the second week the braids started coming loose (in part because I soaped up my hair good) and now in my third week I have some braids that are hanging on for dear life and this Monday  morning one fell out (!!!!) when I put my hair up. By Tuesday I had to ask my mother to redo a couple at the back and then 2 in the front, so now  I am able to keep and bear with my hair for another 2 weeks. I will ultimately be one week short of keeping the braids in for 6 weeks which I am fine with since I did not expect my hair to keep so well.

What to do next time:

For next time I will have my braids a little thinner and have more time to do my hair.

One more thing: please tell the person that is braiding your hair not to pull all the baby hairs in front by your hair line. It is a common sight these days that I see women (and even girls) suffering from traction alopecia because there is way too much tugging and people feel that they  need to get each and every single strand of hair in. Also give your hair breaks between braiding 2-3 weeks is sufficient. Although braiding is meant as a protective style do not become lazy and neglect your hair it still needs to be taken care so that you can reap the benefits of protective styling.

All in all I am enjoying the experience of having my hair braided.

ND 😉

Started from the bottom (now we here)....
Started from the bottom (now we here)….
This is about 2 weeks old, still looks good but some of the braids were hanging on for dear life...
This is about 2 weeks old, still looks good but some of the braids were hanging on for dear life…

2 thoughts on “Hair update Month 5…. The low down of Braids

    1. Hey Jess A,

      It’s not as long as I want to be, the hair that you see is the hair fiber that was used to braid my hair. Hopefully I have more length when I take it out. I’ll post some pics

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