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How to create a Hair Regime(n)

One of the many things that I struggled with when I started going natural was creating a regimen. Blogs and websites that I read did not really give me a good outline or guideline. I started my regimen with the basics and found out that building a regimen is easier than I thought.

Below is a break down.

  • Pre-poo, this for me is optional even though I have incorporated it into my regimen. Some good ol’ coconut or olive oil 30 minutes before you co-wash or shampoo your hair will give you the added benefits of moisture retention and make detangling much easier. I usually leave my pre-poo in over night because I like how soft it makes my hair.
  • You need to wash your hair; how often you wash your hair and whether you co-wash , wash with a sulphate free shampoo or even a sulphate shampoo or even clarify with Apple Cider Vinegar  is up to you.
  • Next you have to Deep condition, at least once a week, I use ORS intensive hair treatment masque. It’s quick, easy and works bomb diggidy.
  • Add a bit of conditioner and do a final comb through to make sure that there are no tangles and rinse.
  • You need to style your hair to retain maximum moisture. The LOC method is a good foundation to start.

L= liquid i.e. water or your favourite leave-in (Tresemmé naturals is a good product to try for this purpose)

 O= oil any good ol’ coconut or olive oil would do for this purpose or whichever oil you prefer.

C=cream for this part I use Dr Miracles soft hold cream but you are most welcome to use your favourite.


I found that once you have a good regimen going you are less prone to relapsing to product junkism, as you have steps and products that work for you. I haven’t bought as many products as I have since I found a great regimen that works for me. Another bonus 🙂

It’s not as difficult as it was explained to me . Follow these simple steps and you’re sure to building a regimen that works for you, your hair, your schedule and the products that you use.

Here’s to the foundation for a great regimen!

ND 😉



5 thoughts on “How to create a Hair Regime(n)

  1. I couldn’t agree more – routine is key! Now that I’ve finally worked out a base routine, it’s much easier to experiment once in a while to figure out things that may help or hinder my hair. Also, I love the TREsemme’s Naturals conditioner…I cannot get enough of that stuff. I’ll have to check out the Dr. Miracles cream – is it silicone and sulfate free?

    1. Hi Jess A

      The Dr Miracles is sulfate and paraben free but the labeling does not mention anything about it being “silicone free”.

      I love Dr Miracles just as much as Tresemme naturals and its a great styling product that keeps your curl.

      ND 😉

    1. Hi Panashe,
      Upon receiving your comment I actually had to go and research what Shingling is only to find out that it is a technique that I using without even knowing what it is called. You definitely taught me something new.
      OK now to answer your question, yes.

      When I first started buying curly hair products the first product I bought was the Dr Miracles Soft hold creme. I use this product often and it is lightweight,defining, does not crunch and leaves your hair soft. I’d say go for it, my mother is also a 4 curl pattern and she liked the Dr Miracles weightless moisturizing creme.

      ND 😉

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