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Growing Hair: Month One.

Today is a month since I cut my hair.

This makes it the perfect time to give you an update on the progress of my  hair growth  (not that it’s grown suuuper long.)

I have a serious case of hair envy for girls with big hair but I am determined to enjoy my short hair for the very hot summer months we have here in Paarl.

There is not much to do or maintain with my short hair so I do the basics.

I do one big wash every week that involves:

  • Shampoo with Twisted Sista de-frizz shampoo (Sulphate free of course)
  • Condition with twisted Sista de-frizz conditioner
  • Deep condition with Olive Oil ORS Hair Masque
  • Mini LOC Method: Twisted Sista Leave in conditioner (detangler),Coconut Oil last but not least Twisted Sista 30 Second curl spray or Twisted sista
  • I then press/lay/set my hair until it is dry. The end result is the one you see in the picture below.
  • My Night time routine I will just add the Twisted Sista 30 second curl spray or my conditioner diluted in a spray bottle followed by my satin headscarf and voila my hair is set for the next morning.

Big Project update: The project is coming along nicely I am just a little impatient to get see some real progress.

See you in a month….1 month

ND 😉


5 thoughts on “Growing Hair: Month One.

  1. Hey Nidia

    I was wondering where did you find the Twisted Sista curl activator products from? Do you know whether it works for permed, ethnic hair? I saw your post and an article on the product and I’m really interested.


    1. Hi Whitney

      Check out this post:

      Most of the information you will need is here. I have 3Cish hair that’s very short. I cannot however say if it will work for permed ethnic hair. I’d say start with the shampoo and conditioner it is a bit pricey but its worth trying since it does not contains parabens,mineral oils and phlaphates.

      Once my hair is a bit longer I plan on doing a proper product review of the whole range.

  2. Have you tried Naturalista cosmetics (888)789-9446 called the Juicy system. They sell products in Africa. They have natural/organic hair products.(little expensive but I love the stuff and they always have discount) I order from seller on art Call them or check on line. I read an article on naturally curl about your hair journey and less products are available in your area. If you order try out the sample pack.(you don’t need much of there product on hair and they recommend using a little because a little goes a long way) hope this helps you out. Enjoy your hair journey

    1. Angie Dee!!

      Thank you sooo much for this information. I will be sure to check it out.

      Thanks for helping the movement and the quest to find awesome curly products for South African girls hair.

      Much Love.
      ND 😉

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