I mulled over whether I should do this or not. Even typing this post is painful. (I blame it on the OCD, perfectionist, the work freak in me and because I feel like I will be letting down my readers)

I have decided to take a short hiatus (well sort of). The sort of part comes in where I will be making monthly post detailing how much my hair has grown and the methods that I use to style it.

I am working on a project that will need my full attention until it is over. I cannot reveal anything yet because that will just spoil it but I will make a big announcement once it is done.

I unfortunately also cannot give a definite date when I will be back but I will keep you posted on the progress of The Big Project.

I will be back.

ND 😉


One thought on “Hiatus

  1. I appreciate your boldness… It really is difficult to find products and common ground with SA naturals because we are nowhere to be found on the net!

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