New Year’s in Cape Town


Happy New Year Everboooody!!!!!!


This post is a bit too late, but better late than never.

I spent my New Year’s eve in Cape Town at the Grande Parade  where the city was inaugurated as the World Design Capital for 2014. This is the Irma Gfirst city in Africa and the Southern Hemisphere to be given the title of World Design Capital.


The countdown not only to 2014 but World Design Capital was dope! The line up included Toya Delazy, Dj Fresh and Dj Ready D, they had me dancing most of the time. Executive Major Patricia De Lille also made an appearance and the lovely Irma G from Heart 104.9 FM was the MC.


The highlight of the  night was the 3D visual mapping that was displayed on Cape Town City town hall. The pictures look great but it was much more awesome to experience it live.


After the New Year’s Eve party we went to a club after that we were watching the long standing tradition of the Cape Minstrels marching through the streets of Cape Town and ended up at the Grande Parade again where we had a bite to eat, we were so tired that we slept on the Parade, yes slept. We weren’t the only ones though there were people that had bought camping chairs and cooler boxes a group of other youngsters just like us were also bundled together and there was a guy that just like me had rested his head on his rucksack and dozed off. When I opened my eyes, it was dawn and the first rays of 2014 sunshine shone onto beautiful Table Mountain.


So that was my New Year’s in a nutshell, it started off with a bang and I hope that the rest of my year is smoking hoooot!!!

World Design CapitalSource: Photos taken by Bruce Sutherland


ND 😉

Executive Mayor Patricia De Lille




Nelson Mandela and the South African Flag

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