Hair today, gone for 6 months

Yes, yes  the pictures that you see is of me at the Barber. But! before you think that I am going to talk about having short


hair,blah,blah,blah I am here to inform you otherwise.

Curly world: on the 19 December 2013 about half past 8, I got my last number one buzz cut.

Yes, after much to and fro backwards and forwards I have decided to let my hair reign free and grow into beautiful luscious curls that I so envied from other girls. The buzz cut’s 6 month reign has come to and end and the sash,title and crown will be handed over to  luscious locks. This means that my official hair journey will start in January 2014.

I am very excited to explore my hair I hope that  you will be able to join  me in my official hair journey.

ND 😉


(Sorry for the bad lay-out, I had a bit of trouble adding the pictures)


4 thoughts on “Hair today, gone for 6 months

  1. Hi ND, I just came across your blog. I am following so many american naturals hair journeys and I am so happy to have found someone in S.A.
    I shaved my head on the 9th of this month. Looking forward to my natural journey aheah.

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