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Easy Waves Banded pack product review

Easy Waves banded pack: R: Curl Activator gel (with Glycerine) L: Oil sheen conditioner hairspray
Easy Waves banded pack:
R: Curl Activator gel (with Glycerine) L: Oil sheen comb out conditioner hairspray

Here is the product review of the Easy Waves banded pack that I promised a while back:

Product: Easy Waves Sheen spray and Curl Activator

Price: R18.95-R23.95

Available at: Clicks, Dischem, Pick n’ Pay and most beauty/cosmetics stores

The Easy Waves banded pack has become a staple in my hair regime its: widely available, it works, its affordable.

Oil sheen spray:

  • This is a 250ml spray that moisturises the hair. I usually wet my hair before spraying this on because I find that the product just works better.
  • It does not make the hair oily at all unless you spray on too much.
  • You can spray it onto your hair (without using the curl activator afterwards) if it is feeling a bit parched and needs a bit of a pick me up.
  • The spray gives your hair a bit of a sheen, not oily just enough to make your hair have a healthy glow.

Curl Activator

  • It contains glycerine (a humectant that draws water to the hair and that’s why my hair is always soft after using it)
  • The gel is a pinkish colour
  • It has a slightly softer consistency than gel.
  • It defines the curl well
  • Unlike regular gels this does not give your hair a characteristic crunch or leaves your hair dry
  • it works good with other products; I have used the gel after applying  Avon’s advanced techniques leave in conditioner and my baby curlies popped. (The Avon advanced techniques leave in conditioner has a very light consistency and together with the gel my hair is moisturised,soft and curls are defined)

This banded pack is a bargain, the products work; they do what I want them to do and what I expect of them. Come  to think of it I think I have found my Holy Grail product.

I hope that this information will help you.

ND 😉


3 thoughts on “Easy Waves Banded pack product review

  1. I am so glad I found your article. I have recently decided to go natural. My hair was stressed broken from all the chemicals and heat and my scalp was itchy and dry. So I research how to maintain natural hair and got alot of info on youtube by watching tutorials. Thanks for the info and also about where to find Denman brushes. I look
    forward to reading more of your of your blogs and good luck on your journey.

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