Twisted Sistas Available in South Africa

Clicks Pharmacy Summer Promotion Advert
Clicks Pharmacy Summer Promotion Advert

I have exciting news to share with South African Curly Community:

Yesterday I was browsing through the Clicks Pharmacy summer promotion booklet and found that the Twisted Sistas range is available exclusively at Clicks Pharmacy stores.

I checked out the Twisted Sistas website and saw that the range just like the Dr.Miracle Curl Care range contains no parabens, sulphates, phalates and mineral oils.

The following products are advertised in the booklet and costs between R59.95-R89.95:

  • Leave-in conditioner detangler (150ml)
  • De-frizz shampoo and conditioner (200 ml)
  • 30 Second Curl Spray (150ml)
  • Straightening Blow dry cream (100ml)
  • Curl Activator (100ml)
  • Different Strokes hair serum (100ml)

I think that its really awesome that South African girls have access to products that work for our hair.

*All information in this post was correct at the time that the post was published

ND 😉



6 thoughts on “Twisted Sistas Available in South Africa

  1. This is amazing news:) I’ve been looking for a suitable hair product because I want to flaunt my curly hair more often! And being such a product junkie, I usually end up buying all these unnecessary things, or applying too many products to my hair at once, and then not knowing which one actually works:/
    Thank you for this post:)

    1. Hi Cleo_Robyn

      The pleasure is all mine, I am glad that I am achieving my goal of reaching out to South African curly girls even if it is only on a small level. I am always on a product watch so if you need information about the product I can help you (where I can)
      I actually need to do a product review (I have the whole range)

      Thanks for stopping by on my blog.

      ND 😉

      1. Hi ND.

        How does it make your hair feel, and does it leave your hair schrunchy, or is it sofft and shiny afterwards?


      2. Hi Nicky, I have posted product reviews on each product on my blog, check out the Twisted Sista product review series and you should find answers to all your questions.

        ND 😉

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