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Dischem Shea butter range DISCONTINUED….

A while back I posted a product review on the Dischem Shea Butter hair mask.

After a thorough to and fro trying to get information about the range ( in part since it was out of stock for a few months). I finally got communication after posting a tweet (it seems like you have to post a tweet before getting customer service these days)  woman named Chantelle had informed that the product has been discontinued.

So…I am now once again in search of a good Shea Butter hair care range.

ND 😉


8 thoughts on “Dischem Shea butter range DISCONTINUED….

  1. Hi, Iv noticed that you’re looking for shea butter products? Check out the website. They have a small range, but a range non the less. Iv just ordered my Raw unrefined shea butter from them.

    Happy Nappy!

  2. Hey , if you are still looking for a shea butter product I suggest you go to clicks and purchase “Aunt Jackies Curls & Coils” product line at Clicks but the products are enriched with shea butter and olive oil (omgee I feel like an american curly saying this because we hardly have curly hair products in South Africa) the price is from R59.99 ( I bought the “In Control moisturising & softening conditioner” and the “Curl la la defining curl custard” which was R59.99 each) it really works and my hair’s been growing like crazy after using this line lol 😀

    1. Hi Fellow curly girl Mpumi.
      Thank you so much for this snippet of Golden information. The more information we share with one another the better we are able to take care of our hair. You can also check out my other posts on info that I give about other products.

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