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Dr Miracle’s Curl Care Review

From Left to right: Nourishing Conditioner, Rehydrating Shampoo and Weightless Moisturizing creme
From Left to right: Nourishing Conditioner, Rehydrating Shampoo and Weightless Moisturizing creme

I promised a product review on the Dr Miracle Curl Care range.

The following products I will be reviewing:

  • Rehydrating Shampoo: R69.95*
  • Nourishing Conditioner: R74.95*
  • Weightless Moisturizing cream: R74.95*

Available at : Currently exclusive to Clicks Pharmacy

The packaging on the products state that it is suitable for Kinky, wavy or curly hair as well as that it contains no parabens, sulphates .

The common characteristics of all the products this review:

  • It tingles; much like a cooling effect just a little stronger. The more product you put on and the longer you leave it on the more it tingles. Its a nice feeling but if you over do it,it can become uncomfortable.(that’s what happened to me)
  • All the products smell really great, I wanted to eat it the first time. It has  great berry smell with a hint of menthol (that explains the tingle)  that is really refreshing


Rehydrating Shampoo:

The Dr Miracle Curl care shampoo lives up to the expectations of a curly girl.

  • It has a low suds formula (meaning no drying up sulphates) but if you really want a good lather then you will have to use a lot.
  • The consistency, look and feel is what you would expect from a normal sulphate loaded shampoo.
  • My hair feels clean and free of product build-up once I rinse my hair and it is also soft.
  • If you are looking for a shampoo that will not dry your hair but still want a squeaky  clean feel I will definitely recommend this product.

Nourishing Conditioner:

The nourishing conditioner is a winner for me and a little goes a long way with this one.

  • It lives up to its name: Nourishing conditioner
  • It has a medium consistency.
  • It makes hair soft.

Weightless moisturizing cream:

While I was delighted with the shampoo and conditioner I was not as happy with the Weightless moisturizing cream. My expectations were that it would make my curls pop but it did not.

  • The product however does live up to its name by it is; Weightless, moisturizing and a cream.
  • It has a thickish consistency.
  • It did not really work for my short hair.

I hope that this helps, if you are searching for a reliable range for your curly hair.

*Prices were correct at the time this post was published.

ND 😉


3 thoughts on “Dr Miracle’s Curl Care Review

  1. Hi I am so happy I found this website. So I recently got a perm for the first time and I use the Easy Waves gel activator to keep my curls but its too oily, do you know of any other products that I can use besides Easy Waves that will ensure that I am able to keep my curls

    1. Hi Rera,

      And I am happy to know that you find my blog helpful.
      I know exactly what your struggle is regarding the Easy Waves I used to use it and it is very oily, here are some alternatives:
      Twisted Sista Curl Spray (available at Clicks) although this is a bit pricey, especially if you using it everyday and it comes in a small bottle (look out for the post in the coming week or through the Twisted Sista catergory on my blog)

      Organic Root Simulator hair pudding: it costs about R59.99 to R61.99 and you can find it at New Look Cosmetic stores and Music City.This product really goes along way because you do not have to use such a lot. The 5 first ingredients are absolutely great for your hair (It contains coconut oil, aloe vera and olive oil just to name a few but it does also contain mineral oil)

      Hope this helps


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