Hair Update….

This post is waaaay over due

I have been so busy with life and other posts (also working on something very exciting, also related to my blog but it’s still a work in progress stay tuned for updates)

My hair is very long now as in its mini curlies curling all the way around and my biggest issue is getting them defined., so yep they have grown. But before I continue ranting and raving about my baby curlies I am going to have to burst the bubble by the following; I will be cutting my hair again soon.

The deal was that I keep my hair short or cut it until December 2013 and then really start growing it out in 2014. There are  few reasons for that

  • I am not ready for all the fuss of growing it out, the maintenance and the care that it needs to be given. The length that my hair is now is already hassle for me to maintain.
  •  The short hair kind of suits me (not to blow my own horn but I’ve gotten a lot of compliments)
  • I’ve never had my hair as short as I have it now; I am enjoying the whole different life that comes with having short hair.
  • As corny as this may sound; I want to one day look back at this period and say; I had my hair short a whole 6 months J

Enough of me blabbering let me tell you about my updated hair regimen:

I do a hair rinse every two days:

  •   Add   product for styling
  •   Wash my   hair and get rid of product build up
  •   Do a   mini deep condition
Monday Add product for styling
Tuesday Add product for styling and   rinse out in the evening
Wednesday Add product for styling
  •   Add   product for styling
  •   get rid   of product build up by doing a co-wash
Friday I rest my hair, no wetting, no   product
Saturday Add product for styling

Products that I use:

  • For styling: Easy Waves
  • Co-wash : Dischem House brand Conditioner (it’s light enough to use everyday)
  • Shampoo: Dr miracle curl care shampoo (I usually use this on Sunday)

Styling tip for when you have short hair:

  • I wet my hair generously (but not until its sopping wet with water running down my neck, face  and ears)
  • Spray the Easy Waves Oil sheen spray generously , I gently give it a rub and then leave for a few minutes; get dressed bush my teeth etc.)
  • Next I apply the Curl activator gel
  • I put on my swirl stocking (it’s a stocking cut and then tied at one end to cover and protect your hair at night, if you are a South African coloured girl you will know exactly what I am talking about J
  • Wrap it tightly with a scarf or beanie and leave for 30 min to 1 hour. The longer I leave the stocking and/or beanie the flatter my hair is.

Hope this helps if you are struggling with short hair and don’t know what to do with it. I had help creating the styling part from a video that Shameless Maya posted. I had done the current styling technique but only with the beanie and not the swirl stocking once I added the swirl stocking I had better results. Do what works for you and what you familiar with.

This post was a mouth full; I hope all this info helps.

Next posts: Product reviews on Easy Waves and Dr Miracle Curl Care.

ND 😉


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