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Transitioning from HEAT DAMAGE

In my previous post I shared my frustration on how difficult it was to transition from my heat damaged hair.

I found 2 videos that gave me somewhat of an idea what I needed to do with my hair but it wasn’t enough. Below I share more resources with you that I found while scouting the web.

Shameless Maya:


The KG Lifestyle: KG has a lot of videos dealing with this issue as she is making the transition from heat damaged curls to super healthy curls

How I dealt with my damage hair before finally big chopping out of frustration

  • I done a lot of protective styling on my hair. 2 strand twists were my favorite and I liked the outcome. (Bantu knots and plaits can also do)
  • Find a deep conditioning treatment
  • Use a wide tooth comb on your hair
  • Get an old t shirt to dry and plop/plunk curls
  • Get a good conditioner that that is suitable for everyday use. (if your regular and favorite one works for you,  by all means stick with that.)
  • Trim your hair. The week of my big chop I was cutting chunks of my hair off (like a crazy person) and already I could see an improvement, my hair was soft and noticeably shinier.
  • Have lots of time and patience

There is a big difference when transitioning from heat damage by growing out your hair and when you do a big chop. Growing our your hair requires you to blend the new growth and heat damage together. When big chopping you deal with virgin hair that is soft and delicate and not what you are used to seeing, in fact you are reunited with your hair 🙂

One method isn’t more easier than the other they both come with their pros and cons do what you are comfortable and what floats your boat.

I am not  a hair expert but I do speak of experience when I typing this post.

I hope these videos help you a ton if you are transitioning from heat damage. May you thrive in your hair journey and have wonderful hair.

ND 🙂


2 thoughts on “Transitioning from HEAT DAMAGE

  1. How did I miss so many of your great posts?! Hahah I’ve been kind of in and out with blogging lately but I’m glad I was able to catch up on your blog – I like the changes you’ve made with it too since I last checked in! 🙂

    But omgosh, THANK YOU SO MUCH for these resources!! Like you, I haven’t had chemically altered hair so a ton of the tips out there are kind of mehhhh to me now that I’m trying (slowly but surely) to get my poor, heat-fried hair healthy again. I can’t wait to try these out and see if they make a difference for my super damaged locks!

    I hope you’re doing well, sweet girl! Haha I’ve missed my South African twin!


    1. Heeeey Parker!

      The pleasure is all mine.

      I just had to get something out there that would help girls, that where in the position that I was in.

      I’ve been busy on my blog a lot yes. As for the changes, that will change again, I’m looking for a really nice background picture and that fits with the personality of my blog. I’m having Paypal problems so once that’s done I can pay for an upgrade.

      Please do give feedback and tell me if the resources helped, I would just like to know that I’m on the right track.

      Your South African twin.
      ND 😉

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