Curly Diary

One size does not fit all.

As some of you might know I am on a journey to getting my curls back and fully embracing them.

However on starting my journey I noticed that information available to starting one’s transition journey is only applicable for a few: women who have relaxed their hair or used chemicals to alter their pattern.

My hair was relaxed once when I was very young,it grew out and I cannot even remember it because my mother dealt with my hair that time. The hair regimen that I know was my hair being set into rollers and when I got older I would blow it out and the go through it with a flat iron. So the damage that I had was severe heat damage that had altered my hair pattern,left my hair dry and ends split and I observed my hair wouldn’t curl as easily anymore.

However when searching for information on how to do my hair and deal with the heat damage I got none. Most in fact all the information I got was for women that had chemically altered their hair pattern. Information that does not apply to me.

It makes me upset to think that information is only geared for the select few. I found 2 videos on how to deal with heat damaged hair but nothing on blogs.

Its a pity and a shame that only a select few get the cream of the crop regarding information. In my next post I will briefly explain how I dealt with my hair before finally chopping it all of (after all what choice did I have with the lack of information available to me). I hope that it will help those that have altered their curl pattern not with chemicals but with heat.

ND 😡


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