Thoughts on Post-College Life

This about sums up how I feel at times, only thing though the writer is lucky to not be living at home like me that’s still under my mother’s roof and I so want to get out there already. I guess I will have to become good friends with Patience.


Life post-college can be daunting, fun, and everything in between. It has been one year since I graduated and the emotions that I have felt this year have been such a roller coaster. One day I feel on top of the world and the next I feel so lost. I think this is something that everyone goes through or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

When I moved to LA I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. LA is a place that breaks you down as much as possible and when you are just about ready to quit a shimmer of light shines through. I go back and forth between moving home and loving LA every other day. When someone asks me what I want to do or where I am going with my life my answer every time is “I don’t know!” As much…

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