Back online

Hi Guys,

As some of you might know I was offline for a while,in my previous post I made it known that I will not be blogging for a while but did not share any specifics.

On 25 August my grandmother passed away after a long illness. As the oldest grandchild and her looking after me when I was younger I needed some time to digest everything that had happened. She was the first person this close to me that had passed away so all the feelings that I experienced where very new, fresh and raw.

The need to or inspiration to blog just faded away and I did not want to force myself to blog. It has been a learning curve for me and I can definitely say that her death had matured me. Things seem so much more different almost like when I cut my hair, not that cutting my hair is will measure up to the loss of my Grandmother, things that I made big fuss about  seem so much more insignificant and small.

I do have my good days and bad days. Although I lost her I grew as a young woman. It feels really weird saying that: I mean how can you grow from a loved one passing away? Its the experience and the emotions that you go through and how you deal with that that builds your character.

Two things that I most certainly comforted by is the fact; that my Grandfather stuck to his vows: in sickness and in health, till death do us part and in doing that he has been a sterling example to me with regards to the man that I will one day marry. I know that she is indeed in a better place because she gave her heart to God before the illness started, something that her best friend later confirmed and that is more than any comfort that any person can provide.

I feel like I just opened my whole soul to you however talking about my Grandmother is how I am dealing with it and part of my healing process.

As for me life goes on but her memory will remain in my heart.

ND 😉


4 thoughts on “Back online

  1. Just read the comment you left on Mia, so I wanted to come by and see if I could read about your grandmother! I, too, really wanted to take a break from blogging and just thought everything was so stupid (how could I care about my hair or fashion? That’s not the stuff that matters!). Getting back into blogging was a type of release eventually and something I forced myself to do to keep busy (I wasn’t really doing much else at that point). I find that talking about her a lot is my best way to deal with things – I like to joke about things that she loved, and share stories about her with other people. To me, it’s nice to have Mia’s memory live on not only with myself, but with others.

    If you’re comfortable with it I’d love to hear more about your grandmother! It’s often the little details that we miss the most – the way they smiled or a little saying they would always share. Looking forward to reading more. 🙂

    1. Hi Jess A
      your reply made (and still makes me want) to cry.

      Your request to hear more about my grandmother took me by surprise but at the same time I so get why you asked. I however have one question should I do it in a blog post or just a simple reply?

      1. Whatever you are most comfortable with! I personally love hearing stories about people’s relatives who they loved. I think others would be equally interested in hearing, too! But if you’d like to have it more low key, you are welcome to just reply to me as well.

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