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Curly Hair information 1

Hey You Proud Curly girls
(I see you all proud, shaking those curls flaunting your locks 😉 )

I also have to apologize for not blogging for a while life has been really busy lately and I also have been tired not to mention gathering the information for this post.

On the road of my Curly hair Journey, I try to gather as much information as possible to that will help me next year when I will grow out my hair.

Here are a few great resources:

NaturallyCurly was the website that had convinced me to embrace my curls and ultimately do a big chop I was too impatient for the trimming my hair every 6-10 weeks. The website has a wealth of information that you has a curly girl will find very helpful. It sure did for me I ended up embracing my curls and doing a big chop how about that?

You tube: this will become a great tool because you not just reading what people are writing but some show the actual steps. I found  some awesome videos by your Shameless girl: Shameless Maya
Also start a love relationship with your hair by checking out Tracee Ellis Ross and her Hair love video

Blacknaps   and  Black hair information are two  website that I just recently found. I haven’t had a chance to look through them properly but they also offer a wealth of information for curly hair.

Here is a list that I have compiled of curly hair products available in South Africa it started out as my personal list but I feel that I need to share it with other girls. I actually done the painstaking work of standing in shopping isles and scanning the shelves for products suitable for curly hair. Be sure of this: before adding it to my list I have checked the product name, directions of use and made double sure that I would buy this product. With some I added some notes and the price with others I did not. The prices listed were correct at the time that I made the list so it may be cheaper or a bit more expensive but it can also give you an indication of what it might cost.

•Wella proseries moisture treatment 49.95
•Dischem shea butter conditioner R22.95
•Dischem shea butter hair repair 29.95
•V05 miracle concentrate elixer with argan oil: R 44.95
•Organic root stimulator coconut oil R45.95
•Olive oil girls organic root stimulator moisturising styling lotion 49.95 (can be used everyday)
•Palmer hair food just look into that…
•easywaves banded pack: oilsheen comb out conditioner hairspray + curl activator with glycerine 23.95 (pick n pay R19.99)
•african pride olive miracle moisturising lotion R29.95
•Motions nourish leave in conditioner R32.98
•organic root stimulator Jojoba oil R58.95
•organic root stimulator hair mayonnaise R57.99
•sofn’free curl moisturizing spray R24.95
•sofn’free nutrifeed olive oil moisturiser R23.95
•softsheen carson restore plus oil moistrirising spray R18.95
• easy waves anti-frizz oil moisturiser (Dischem)
•organic root stimulator olive oil smooth n hold pudding (I like this one) R56.95
•(Pick n pay) Glyco lemon leave in conditioner R15.95 (contains parabens
•Tresemme naturals)
•Softn’free curl activator 49.95

Other things you might need are:

  • An old t-shirt that you will use for drying and plopping/plunking (trust me it works and it gives great curl definition)
  • A wide tooth comb
  • A hair dryer with a diffuser
  • A satin hair scarf and/or pillow (these will  prevent hair breakage, a satin pillow also has anti -aging benefits 😉 )
  • An elastic hairband without and metal attachments
  • Empty spray bottle/(s)

I hope that this post will help you if you  are a new or existing Curly Girl as I go through my hair journey I will be adding more of posts like these the ultimate goal is to have a stock pot of curly hair information. Please do feel free to share some of your tips and useful  websites.

ND 😉


4 thoughts on “Curly Hair information 1

    1. Hi Portia,

      I actually made mine. I bought the material from a fabric store there was a special on the bridal satin so I snatched it. I made the pillow case a bit bigger than a normal pillowcase so that it fits easily over the pillow and the original pillow case. You can also check out Clicks Pharmacy they sell satin bonnets, wraps and pillow cases. I hope this helps

    1. Hi Akua,

      If you are in the Western Cape you can try New look cosmetics or alternatively in Golden Acre there is a huge hair outlet called Jabula (However they are more expensive than the normal informal hair selling outlets)
      Otherwise try your local hair outlet that sells every hair products.

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