Curly Diary

The Second Chop

Hey Curly girls.

I cut my hair on thursday 1) because it was just too long to handle 2) because the last of the old hair that was still left over had to go ASAP! That old hair was not welcome any longer. I had noticed while my hair was growing out it was soft however the old hair which was mainly on top left the rest of my hair very dry.

I was a bit scared to have it cut this time because my mother would not be doing it and because I needed to find a good barber. There was one I scouted on my way to work but I had changed my route that I take to work and it wasn’t as convenient. So I was set to find another one, indeed I did near the train station and that turned out to be more convenient because I take the train everyday. So on thursday I set off to the barber and told him I wanted a number one cut. He was considerate and friendly first cutting it a number two just to make sure that a number one was what I really wanted. But a number 2 was a bit too long for my liking and number one it was going to be. 1,2,3 it was off and I was having a trim (unlike the first time) to make it look neat. I also told my new barber Albert that for the next 6 months I will be cutting my hair and he laughed and said that means that we have a contract for the next 6 months. We both laughed and verbally agreed infront of his partner that for the next 6 months I will be a regular customer. So now for the next 6 months I am sorted with a barber. Having said that my posts will now take a bit of another angle and not so much focused on curly hair. Maybe I will be blogging about life with really short hair.

I think I’ve been blabbing waaaay too much here are some pics of my newly very short hair. (The head shape looks kind of funny eeek :/)

ND šŸ˜‰

Hair cut in progress....
Hair cut in progress….
Hair today gone tomorrow.
Hair today gone tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “The Second Chop

  1. Ahhh so cool! Hahah I’ve always wondered if those clippers tickle while they cut your hair… They seem like they vibrate so much! I think I’m about to go in for a cut too actually, probably just a few inches since I’m not quite as brave as you, missy! šŸ˜€

    Yay, I’m loving the “remodeling” you’ve done on your blog, Miss Daniels! Keep up the great work as usual!

    1. Hey Miss J.Parker
      Thank you my most faithful and loyal follower for your comment it is always appreciated.

      Well it does vibrate but you barely feel it because the barber goes over your head so fast with the clipper it almost feels like a comb being run through your hair. The only thing that feels funny and that pricks a little is when the sides are trimmed but not even that is bad.

      As for the remodelling of my blog, I am getting there slowly but surely, I am still finding my way around WordPress (not having my own laptop sucks but I am saving towards that) and I trying to find a cool yet funky background that resonates with my blog. After reading a blog post about someone getting sued after they took an image off Google and then posted on their blog I am a bit scared, but on the bright side I can get totally be creative and original!


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