Curly Diary

Hair Journey 1 month and 10days

Hey Curly girls!

The time has come to update all of you on my hair progress.

Its actually more than 4 weeks, I was planning to cut my hair but because of a spiteful person reasons beyond my control I could not so now I am stuck with 40 day old hair that I will be cutting soon.

Anywho, let me fill  you in on the hair progress:

My hair is thick (its 3C, High density for sure and low porosity). Over the past 37 days I have learned how to deal with this head of hair and see it coming into its own. The length is weird because it doesn’t curl like it did when it was 2 weeks shorter. As for ”The product” I have yet to find one that works just like I want it to, heck never mind one product give me a whole range of products that work for me. I’m still wetting my hair and adding a good dollop  of conditioner, since ditching sulphate loaded shampoo my Provitene conditioner has been super however its slowly getting less.

My biggest thing now is finding a good range that works for me. I was so impatient to get my hair off that I didn’t realize that I would need the right products to be able to take care of my hair properly. I’m not in a hurry though because I will still be cutting my hair for the next 5 months just to make sure that my hair gets rid of the previous abuse that I used to put it through and really develop its curl pattern.

Since all of my hair  was not cut off when I done my Big chop I still have a few centimetres of old hair(the canopy) that is really dry and that makes my hair just look dead.

I’m really looking forward to my second hair cut to see the real identity of my hair and yes I will be sure to post some Pics.

ND 😉



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