South African Curlies

Wella Proseries Color Conditioner

Hey curly girl!

Here is an unplanned product review
I had some product build up and I wanted to adjust my hair regime to a few days earlier so I decided to do a midweek co wash.

I didn’t want to use my Provitene conditioner because its almost finished and that stuff is good. So I scanned the bathroom to see what else there might be and my eye fell on the Wella Proseries Conditioner. I had used it before but that was waaaay in the beginning of my hair journey before I knew jack about hair products.

Boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised, the product is soft! It took the product build up off immediately, it was like magic. Its lightweight and I would totally use it to style my hair.

It’s a bit pricey(R49.95 for 250ml bottle) than what I would normally pay but I would dock up because it works,you can buy it at Clicks Pharmacy’s and Pick n Pay

Hope that helped for all the South African Curly girls looking for products out there.



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