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Dischem Shea butter Hair repair Product review

Heeey! Curly girls all over the world

I promised in my last post that I would do a product review on the Dischem Shea butter range. However for reasons and marketing strategies beyond my control I cannot.

Dischem is now selling the Shea butter 1L shampoo and 1Lconditioner in a banded pack(at a steal for R39.95) . Now any curly girl worth their waves,curls, coils or ziggly’s know that buying shampoo, even if its in a banded pack and sells at R39.95. is not an option…Ever…

So now I am left with only giving a product review of the Shea butter hair repair mask:

Store: Dischem
Product: Shea Butter Hair repair
Price: R29.95

I came across this product through my mother she bought it but then said that it is not working for her despite that I still decided to try it.

The product has a thick consistency and a really yummy smell (almost like sweet like vanilla but not quiet) The color is a pale beige/cream color.

I use it about once a week when I get rid of all the product build up or when my hair feels very dry. I take a generous dollop and the work it through my hair with my fingers I then comb out my hair and then put a lining plastic over my head and let that soak in for about 20 minutes or more. Once that’s done I rinse with luke warm water and then add my lavender spritz. You can check out the Lavender Spritz here

Shea Butter Selfie
Shea Butter Selfie

My hair feels really soft and not that dry afterwards and not to mention the Shea butter scent that lingers for my day 1 baby curlies.

I would recommend this product for a weekly hair mask it works and Its a bargain.

Hope this helps all the South African Curly Girls

ND 🙂

In front of the mirror adding some Shea Butter Goodness
In front of the mirror adding some Shea Butter Goodness

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