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Hair Journey Week 3

So, its been 3 weeks since I done my big chop and so far so good.

When people say “hair journey” they really mean journey. I have never had my this short ever and its really nice seeing my hair coming into its own. It has grown very fast as well and its so soft and obviously easy to handle.

I’m still trying to figure out what I need to do with my hair in terms of a regime/regimen. For now I wet it every morning and add conditioner. I’m experimenting by mixing conditioner (Provitene) with leave in conditioner (Avon advanced techniques) as the leave in conditioner is quiet flimsy and does not keep my baby curlies in form and definition. So for now its just my Provitene conditioner. I also add a Olive oil/ Lavender spritz for moisture.

At the end of the month I will be trying a new product from Dischem and will be doing a review. I’m using the deep mask and it really makes my hair soft.
(Check out the few pics below of my 3 week hair.)

For the Olive Oil/ Lavender Spritz
•A spray bottle
•Distilled water (I used boiled water that I cooled down)
• A few generous drops of Olive oil
•a few drops of lavender (I used it sparingly as it was quit strong)
•shake well and then spray on hair as needed
*also check out for more hair recipes*

For newbie (curly girls) like myself I found the following link from Curly Nikki very helpful in starting my hair regime/regimen:   Paarl-20130721-01451.jpg

For now let the hair journey continue…

ND 😉


3 thoughts on “Hair Journey Week 3

  1. Ahhh such cute little curlies, ND! 😀
    Hmm I might just have to go out and pick up some lavender oil so I can try making that spritz. It sounds SO refreshing!

    Yay for your progress though, I’m seriously so excited to see how your journey progresses!


    j. parker

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