Life happens

Some of us when we are younger wish to be older.

While there were times that I wished  I was older I can honestly say that I enjoyed the phases in my life with each new phase comes different lessons that we learn and we slowly but surely mature and morph into individuals and come into our own;

In primary school I was just a kid learning and growing up, I learned some uncomfortable lessons and I was equipped with skills that till today I still use (and will be using for quite a while)

In high school I was an opinionated hot head, temper mental, crazy, dramatic naughty young person(amongst other things). That’s the time I was really turning into this character.

Age 18- till now; this has been the most interesting up and down time for me.  I went through some crazy stuff at college(had my heart broken, lost some ”friends”) things that have had a lasting impact on me (thus far anyway).

Now I am becoming this young woman that has to keep her own. When my mother was my age I was about a month old and here I am struggling just to sort myself out and become fully independent. She was already out of the house and had her own. Before writing this blog I called my mother and told her that I have great respect for her and told her that I’m surprised that she didn’t punch me in the face as I was a really difficult teenager. I’m sure I made a contribution to a few of her grey hairs.

This is a difficult time for me because at my age and I feel the pressure to be on my own and get out of the house, though I know that it will happen in due time I also expected that I would be out my now. All that I can do is just take it moment by moment because at this stage taking it day -by-day will totally overwhelm me.

Thank you; to each and every adult that has told me that life is difficult and that being an adult is not easy and that it comes with great responsibility. Thank you for warning me in the midst of my enthusiasm as a young person, I now feel the sting of your words as they have become very relevant and I will remember them as I go along in my walk of life.

For those needing a bit of encouragement themselves remember:

  • Every cloud has a silver lining
  • In the words of  Training Camp Rookie; every storm eventually runs out of rain
  • This too will pass

ND 😉


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